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Last Night in Ireland

A Historical Fiction Romance Novel
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An English suffragette.

An Irish rebel.

A revolution that would divide them.

Ireland, 1916.

As England fights in the First World War, Irish revolutionaries see an opportunity to finally overthrow the empire that has occupied their nation for 800 years. In this volatile landscape, the young and idealistic Lady Marian Butler is sent by her father from the safety of Dublin to their estate in Athenry to secure the family assets. But in the wilds of western Ireland, new ideas are stirring. And when Marian meets Jack O'Houlihan, a passionate Irish leader with piercing blue eyes and a vision for a new world, she must reexamine everything she thought she knew about freedom, justice, and love...

About the Author

Winnifred Penrose wrote her first book at 15 with quills and ink. She was once proposed to in the Globe Theatre, but turned him down. When she's not writing, she enjoys dressing in disguises and going to the horse races. She lives south of Lisbon in a seaside village with her aunt. Last Night in Ireland is her first romance novel. 

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